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Morning Mitzvah

A Sweet Friendship Refreshes the Soul – Proverbs 27:9

My morning runs are comprised of a ritual that evokes sacred contemplation. I use this time to rejuvenate my mind, body, and soul in alignment with the “pitter patter” of my feet caressing the pavement. In even strides, I absorb my surroundings with each glimpse – all within a continuous state of “awe” at my worldly view. In these personal meditations, when mindfulness acts as my deity, I am grateful for these small, ethereal reminders of the present moment’s beauty.  

On Friday morning, I noticed fellow worshippers journeying to their own sacred space: the synagogue. Friday morning beckons their community to participate in worship, and reserve this time for personal prayer. Through this visible repetition of the proverbs resting on their lips, I wonder if, they too, are housing a similar divine energy…

In this moment’s beauty, right as a Rabbi gifts me an unexpected smile during my pilgrimage, I begin to uncover a new realization. Both of us, strangers from indirect soulful paths, are sharing our own version of a “morning mitzvah” – a personal call to celebrate the inner divine, and collectively acknowledge a shared omnipotent energy. Up until a few moments ago, we were unaware of each other’s existence. Through the eyes of this energy, we are now united as brethren. In our conjoined silence, we share a beautiful hallowed harmony – him in his prolific prayers, and myself in my mindful moments.   

I can’t help but wonder -  in the midst of this soulful encounter, are we asking for the same blessings? Is he finding sacredness in our shared surroundings? I wonder if we find the same beauty in the trees, and see our version of Source edged within nature’s notable details. Maybe someday, I imagine, I’ll cultivate a spiritual conversation – a divine spark to our already soulful flame. Maybe someday, we would be considered kindred spirits, joined together by our ever-so lovely morning mitzvahs.

I smile as we part from our divine interaction. I continue along with my own spiritual strides.

I breathe deeply, and I continue to think…

Isn’t it a treasure that regardless of cultural differences, our spiritual devotion is one that binds us and interconnects humanity? For me, this moment illuminated a living peace. And in turn, I wish that those grappling with hostility could experience this moment of divinity. If they could cultivate a morning mitzvah, they would witness the shared sacredness in all beings.  

As my route directs me past the synagogue, I offer a silent prayer for the Rabbi. Through the pace of my breath, I can’t help but wonder if he’s doing the same for me – his new soulfully-connected spiritual sister.