Content Marketer & Life Coach

Authenticity Sings.

The language of life speaks to us through embodying our most authentic self. Authentic living means creating a life true to personal standards; without defining successes by societal aspirations. We all have genuine authenticity humming within; composing an endless song for intentional living, and making our soul sing in harmony with life’s purpose. Authenticity continues to be life’s most freeing melody.

Living authentically is not something that comes naturally for all. People have hesitations when it comes to truly expressing themselves to the world. Often, this stems from the fear of judgement, of not fitting in, and falling into the repercussions of loneliness. Fear is the key driver in keeping authenticity tucked away. If fear constantly overpowers authenticity, we lose the inner voice guiding us towards our true calling.  

I have been asked by a plethora of meditation students, peers, and coworkers on how to get over the fear of being authentic.

My answer is simple:  Learn deeply from your past lessons, and don’t let fear of failure dominate your intentions.

I personally attest to the beauty of being authentic. In hindsight, my authenticity is the result of loving deeply and loving without fear. I am a loving person, and I choose to show this side of myself to the world. My authenticity is the ability to identify as a healer, and heal those out of pure intentions. This is my inner monologue manifesting into daily living. And when inner authenticity sings, those around you readily provide a listening ear. 

Letting my own authenticity shine came through a series of personal events. For years, I struggled with my own authenticity. I have previously settled in relationships, taken the path MOST traveled out of fear, and lowered my worth via negative self-talk. In the end, I changed through an internal realization: I could not cultivate inner happiness with an everyday façade. And when you are drained with living a fictitious life, authenticity has a way of breaking you free of fearful living. Everyone comes to a crossroad with authenticity and fear. When you are faced with both paths, authenticity has a way of showing you the right direction. It is up to you to turn the corner. 

In conjunction with fearfulness, living authentically is dismissing the fear of failing. We are our own worst critic, and inflict harm on ourselves when a desired outcome is not reached. Everyone will experience a type of failure, and question their inner authenticity. This is not a burden, but a tool to shift your current mindset. One of my favorite authors, Sharon Salzburg, shares this grounding quote about failure below: 

If we fail, we don't need self-recrimination or blame or anger - we need a reawakening of our intention and a willingness to recommit, to be whole-hearted once again.

 To be “whole-hearted once again" means to re-commit to our inner authenticity. Whenever failure shakes our balance, it’s important not to lose our footing. Failing is a way to check inner intentions, and make sure our future choices coincide with being authentic. Embracing failure as a learning tool is magical. If we take lessons from our past failure, past heartbreak, and apply them to our “willingness to re-commit”, we grow into making better choices. From this point, we now have the willingness to blossom into ourselves. Thus, living our truest life. 

To those who are still timid of authentic living, let me close with this: Those who appreciate your authenticity will always be a guiding light of support. In the beginning, you are destined to feel a lingering loneliness. Make a choice to be persistent. As your authenticity begins to find its voice, the right people will follow its harmony.

An authentic life awaits, and it's your turn to sing its song.