Content Marketer & Life Coach

Mindful & Minimalistic.

I’ve noticed a visible, personal shift in keeping life “mindfully minimalistic.” In regards to my minimalism, it’s not found in the actions of de-cluttering objects, but “de-cluttering” my personal life of unneeded baggage. This inner philosophy involves “weeding out” people of less importance, and focusing on building/forging stronger relationships. I believe we eventually mimic those in our inner circle (with time). Friendships are beyond important, teaching us uncensored lessons about ourselves, situations, and actions of others. Friends are there to uplift, inspire, and provide endless support in life's course. If you have a handful of genuine friends, then you my friend, are blessed.

I have been focusing on my current friendships with mindfulness in tow. I’m aiming to see or talk to a friend daily. In person, I want to give them my whole self – listening to their thoughts, hurting feelings, and future aspirations. I love my friends deeply, and I want them to feel my love. Surrounding myself with them has enhanced a realization – if we put our focus on loving, there is no room for envy. The need to appease others dismisses itself when surrounded by support. 

My “mindfully minimalistic” shift has taken on a “never take more than you need” persona. I no longer deem myself "unworthy" and deprive myself of certain pleasures. Food-wise, I let myself enjoy, appreciate and nourish during meals. A huge step, this is, but one of great personal importance. When we take things to the extreme, we deprive ourselves of an inner harmonic flow. Taking things to extremes robs us of our own personal connection. I’ve made a robust effort in making eating a mindful experience. I cook, not prep. I taste, not bite. I indulge, not ignore. The balance intuitively finds itself through the distribution of true enjoyment. I’ve adapted the mentality that my body is uniquely mine - not needing outer approval. If I choose to nourish it, love it, and provide for it, then I can give it my trust to take shape. No more eating less, but instead, nourishing until fulfilment – soul food included! I’m always mindful things (and life) are not always/will not always be perfectly in alignment. However, I will always have this mentality tucked away in my headspace.

Movement has taken on a new identity in mindfulness. Nothing complicated in this personal philosophy, just moving my body as an inner ode to its capabilities. To me, this means a light jog around the pond, ballet class on a Monday, frequent nature walks, and morning yoga on my mat. In terms of extremities, pushing your body to its limits eliminates body kindness. Why should I be anything but kind to this vessel cradling me through life’s journey? Exercise is a celebrating for what you can experience, not a punishment for what you just consumed. If I trust my body, nourishing it healthfully, why would my sanity have to suffer in a time out ? It doesn't, not anymore. Knowing this, my true self has taken shape. 

I am choosing to be more “unapologetically authentic” everyday. Smiling through the good meditation sessions, doing a happy dance when the coffee shop has almond milk, creating personal art,  and writing from a place of passion keeps life wholesome. My most authentic self is one absorbed in life’s little treasure. Being mindful seeps from a beautiful source of inner wisdom - looking to the brighter side, following my intuition, and dismissing the past. This is just the beginning of something authentically being morphed into my ever constructed truth. I had the beauty all along, I just needed to uncover it for myself. The impossible manifested into the possible, what a feat. I am grateful for the journey - forever and always. Always and forever.