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Beauty, Uncovered.

The freedom of internal body confidence exudes a timeless effervescence. Body confidence is embracing the body, as is, in the moment. The idea circles around being centered with every flaw, imperfection/perfection, and accepting the body as its own masterpiece. This ultimate freedom begins with setting your personal beauty standards.

Ponder - How would you begin defining beauty for yourself?

The pressure of body perfection is overwhelming for women, and to relieve yourself from this trap involves uncovering inner harmony.  We cannot mold our bodies into something unnatural, that’s a fact. Our natural femininity shapes the body in its healthiest form. If you grant the body access to be healthy, it will willingly take its own shape. The first step in unraveling body confidence is developing trust. Trusting the body to carry us, shape us, and cradle our spirit is a steep learning curve. Trust does not come naturally, but its evolution is beautiful. Trust removes insecurities and forges the beginning stages of self love. Who doesn’t want to be reacquainted with inner love?

Connecting love inward = reflecting love outward.

Recently, I was watching a video on finding body confidence. The girl being interviewed (about 20 years old) was recovering from an eating disorder. She outlined her past strengths, current obstacles, and new journey of loving her body.

During the final segment, the interviewer asked; “What made you want to love you body/created the shift in you?”

The way she answered exemplified her newfound beauty.

She explained; “I realized my body was the product of my parents, and the results of ancestors. It shows my heritage. It’s taken me on adventures around the world and new experiences. Why would I want to be anywhere else but here? It’s my home.”

Imagine confidently focusing on the WHOLE essence of your body, not just reducing your worth to a physical appearance? Try being mindful of all the love accumulated to bring you into creation. Every part of your body is a birthmark of your ancestry. If we connect to our lineage, we uncover beauty in our heritage. Nothing on your body is a fixed flaw, it’s a divine reflection of past generations. You are the living version of everyone prior to your existence - How magical are you?  

I shifted my views on outer beauty during a personal transformation. I give my flaws an excessive amount of love. Like every other part of my body, they deserve recognition, kindness and importance. I see my imperfections as a reminder of my hybrid ancestry. All of this, in focus with my higher self, forged my creation of beauty standards. I am the best version of Marissa – why mimic a façade?

My physical body is an ever-changing home. The body is never in a permanent state of being; rather transitioning, shifting and flowing with life’s rhythm. When defining your own beauty, the urge to compare will be silenced. When comparison starts to diminish, you will be welcomed into your ever-changing home.

How will you rewrite beauty to live a meaningful life?