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Unwavering Believer.

The essence of human experience is bonded by a universally joint faith. We all gather our version of faith in something perceived as omnipotent. Faith is not categorized into believing in a single higher power - faith is believing in your purpose, the highest self, and your souls’ journey. I would be inclined to believe with a lack of unwavering faith, humans would fail to progress onward. Being believers, it binds our joint humility.

A believer is an open canvas to life’s good and bad circumstances. We use awareness to acknowledge life is not perfect. Bad circumstances will be consistent visitors on our path. People have a habit of turning to blame, anger and frustration with multiple testing trials. We turn to our Higher Power and pray for blessings to enter a painfully present moment. We enhance our sense of urgency for aid - wanting to seek immediate results from our prayers. The reasoning being from living in the extremely “rushed” world. Our society has molded a mecca for immediate satisfaction. Today’s world is accustomed to getting information within seconds. That being said, God does not pay His immediate dues with urgency. Divine timing is in God’s perfect plan. Divine timing requires a long length of patience. God does not script tentative deadlines when answering prayers. When we hold faith and hopefulness in prayers, everything will enter life’s flow. From this faith, we can visualize the good things in our future.

Good circumstances will come in time. I hope everyone has the privilege of experiencing true moments of bliss. In all good times, it’s important to express gratitude for the current blessings. The feeling of receiving an anticipated answer is welcoming for gratitude. Gratitude is further enhanced with trust. If we trust the Universe and its timing, we can predict the good moments ahead. Goodness lies in a faithfulness to trust the process.

I take myself back to a moment in Saint Charbels Monastery in Jbeil, Lebanon. I stood, prayed, and waited for an answer within seconds. I was not being patient with my faith and the worlds' universal timing. Much to my dismay, this prayer did not (immediately) manifest. The process of getting this prayer answered took a multitude of patience.  In moments of tested faith, I reminded myself to trust the timing. I told myself to be at peace with my temporary cycle of detriment. I surrendered to the current moment and continued to be an unwavering believer. In perfect timing, the answer to my prayer physically manifested.  The answer enhanced my higher self and inner soul connection. In an answered prayer, I was the recipient of inner harmony. From the process, I am thankful for divine guidance. Isn’t it amazing to uncover multiple blessings in one ask?  

Use your inner courage to forge meaning through your beliefs. The beauty in asking, believing, and receiving is a universal method for miracles. If you are being shaken, seek this as a gentle reminder to keep the faith.