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Divinely Feminine.

The persona of the divine feminine lies within every female. Divine feminine energy is cultivated from the time of her conception. Often sacred, the divine feminine is the calling of a women’s’ intuition. Her aura is the genetic makeup of female individuality and enhances receptivity to the world. She is the voice of reason, the voice of comfort; providing endless affection in the open void where romance calls her name.  She is the purest embodiment of heart and soul. She is the divine connection to Mother Earth; providing shelter during life’s unpredictable storms.

To silence the voice of the divine feminine is accomplished in subtle acts of comparison. Her relentless spirit basks in the flowing energy of individuality. When individuality becomes threatened, she seeks refuge in integrity. When integrity is no longer present, she silences her inner calling from within. She is a nonverbal witness to insecurity. Her gentle tears swim in the rhythms of life’s ebb and flow.  Thus, beginning the painful process to heal.  

She tells you to bask in the abundance of earths harvest, yet you strive to starve to fit the mold of societal beauty.

She provides you with inner beauty, but your fixation on the outward overtakes her sacred whispers.

 She gives you the curves of the divine Mother, yet you denounce them, in hopes thinness will provide a false sense of enlightenment.

To live fully means to embrace feminine integrity. The divine feminine varies in each woman. Living in a society surrounded by vanity is difficult for forging beauty. The healing process of feminine reconnection involves deep listening to the inner truth. The inner truth is the wisdom guiding us; the makeup of the true self and spirit. To fully be present with the divine feminine is to relish in the world of self acceptance. The release of holding onto past selfish vanities attaches her into egoless love; the cradle of freedom. 

And when this occurs, the feminine divine becomes one with her integrity; purely, naturally and ever flowing to the music of individuality.

Dance the sacred dance of freedom - she is calling to you in whispers. 

©  Marissa Ranahan 2017 - all rights reserved.