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Bits of Happiness.

This weekend, I was walking through Boston and enjoying the scenery of New England in its element – the season of Autumn. The foliage and crispness cradled in its breath are heavenly during October.

In this moment, just walking with the company of a dear friend, I found myself blissfully happy. The moment was perfect. It was held together with good conversation and frequent stopping to embrace our surroundings. No need for comparison, media distraction or negative emotions – just the jovial state of being present.

My friend is an upcoming documentary photographer based in Boston. She has a wonderful knack for design and a unique eye for photography. She asked if I would be a part of her street photography series. Naturally, I agreed without hesitation. Mid posing, she asked; “What’s the most important lesson you have learned in 24 years of life experience?”

I answered with; “True happiness is found from within, without comparison and looking to material objects for satisfaction. If we have love/happiness from within, then we can never be truly lonely.”

In my life, this belief has a strong presence.  

My early life was spent clinging to praise from others. Being highly empathetic, empaths feed off being on good terms with everyone (completely impossible). We see compassion in others and value their opinion. I based much of my happiness on friendships, relationships and events out of my control. My young mind could not see this was a recipe of constant disappointment. Nobody has the same heart as you, therefore, you cannot expect everyone to fill expectations.

As we walked on, I thought about what makes inner happiness. These were my conclusions:

Happiness starts with being comfortable in your own skin. The first step is centered around self acceptance. To embrace oneself fully is to embrace the good/bad parts of being human. What binds everyone as human beings is our “perfectly imperfect” nature. If everything was molded in a state of perfection, life would be easy. Life is not meant to be simple. Life is a journey of constant learning. From different life experiences, we learn what makes us happy and unhappy. We learn about who we want in our lives to “add” to happiness. In the end, it is best to turn to the heart.

Happiness invites gentleness. Being gentle during life’s difficulties is essential for ease. If we are not gentle with ourselves, then we are creating room for criticism and self doubt. Gentleness is showing ourselves kindness. Making a conscious decision to be gentle is a passageway into self love.

Transitioning to the next point:  Happiness is hidden in love. Are we not fortunate to be a witness to love around us? Love is not only found in the category of romance. Love is found in helping others. Love is found is self acceptance. Love is found in gratitude for being alive. To walk with love is to be truly present. In turn, happiness will be waiting at the end.

Happiness is always here for you. 

How have you found happiness in the moment?